Please give us a call at (631)988-9401 Building a Better Network   As corporate information systems continue to expand and diverge and as networks continue to grow almost exponentially in power, size and sophistication, managers of those systems are confronted with multiple challenges. The emerging problem has become not only finding the right technologies, but finding a technology partner capable of supplying and supporting the technology. Incredible Computer Solutions (ICS) has been installing and supporting internetworking environments since 1989. Our long history as a service company has provided our technical staff with a unique understanding of the diversity of information systems hardware, internetworking disciplines and applications currently available. ICS maintains expertise in multi-vendor applications, operating systems, infrastructures, and platforms. If you would like to contact ICS via phone, e-mail please visit our Contact Information Page for the appropriate numbers and/or addresses. Areas of Expertise Local Area Networks Wide Area Networks Internet Connectivity (T1, Cable, DSL, Dial-Up,etc..) Home and Business Solutions Wireless Design Web Design Software Development VPN Access Home and Office based Computer Training Disaster Recovery Custom Built PC's Troubleshooting Legacy System Connectivity