Please give us a call at (631)988-9401 Building a Better Network On Site Support Remote Support If you have a small business or a large corporation, sometimes it is necessary to have your computers or networks fixed, repaired, or updated.  Most small businesses don’t have a dedicated IT support system, let ICS do this for you.  Whether you need someone to come in for a couple of hours or days, we can reolve all your outstanding issues in no time.   Make a list of all the items you need, and we can come in and take care of them for you. Have you ever needed someone to look at something and you didn’t want to be charged an exorbitant rate for some simple fixes, Remote Support is for you.   Remote Support allows us to take control of your desktop and fix any issues you might have and we charge only an hourly prorated rate.  this is a great tool if you need something done right away and we can have most issues resolved within just a few minutes.  From installing software, repairing device drivers, or doing training, this is a perfect solution to most needs.